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Reggie Carson has been working at the post office for over a decade. He hasn’t been promoted, his boss picks on him, and he has no girlfriend. This changes when Reggie and his post-office colleague, Sandra, find a thirty-year-old package on Halloween with magic nunchucks. The next day Reggie wakes up and finds he has a lousy fro, worse abs, and the baddest ninja skills. He immediately uses these for the cause of justice. He prepares for a showdown against the evil Kung Fu Master, Jerome ‘Black’ Lightning, as Afro Ninja sets out on a quest that will teach him humility and humility, as well as the history of his skills and the truth about his father. Only then can Afro Ninja be the baddest dude in town

–Directed by: Mark Hicks — starring Mark Hicks Natascha Hopkins James Black Maria Gibbs —

Genre: Action/Comedy |  English – 88 minutes

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