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When a trio of young misfits take a classic car called The Yellow Submarine to Las Vegas along old California Route 66, anything can happen and does. Starry-eyed actress Veronica Page has begged a ride to Vegas together with an old boyfriend and a hotheaded Norwegian named Eric, to audition for a huge role in an upcoming, big-budget movie production. A series of events— and bizarre hitchhikers– sends the trio deep into the desert before becoming sidetracked along the Colorado River.

Shot on location on Route 66. Has a nostalgic feel to the 60’s and 70’s era. Provides a glimpse into American History during the Great Depression.

–Directed by: Herman, Douglas — starring Brown, Tabitha/Hebner, Joel/LaFramboise, Adam/Williams, Garrett —

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Romance | English – 90min


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