COMBAT Q (TV Series) 3 (DVDs) (6.5 Hours)

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An oasis is the only water source in a beautiful town named Q-Town, built in a desert. The city has everything necessary for its residents to live happily and carefree, all thanks to the protection of the Q-Star League. The team is led by the enthusiastic and persevering Flame, who’s joined by Brave Thunder, narcissistic and elegant Shine, shy Iron, and base camp correspondent Florrie. Despite having different personalities and hobbies, they all work together to maintain the town’s public security and keep its residents safe. The Q-Star League is deeply loved by the people of Q-Town, so much so that even Thunder’s younger brother, Flash, dreams of becoming part of the team someday.

However, Q-Town’s peaceful life is disrupted by the arrival of the Buster Gang – Cyclone, Phantom, and Snap. The gang sneaks into town and collects machine parts, water, and electricity. But the Q-Star League is always ready to stop them from causing harm. They help each other, improve themselves, and overcome their weaknesses, strengthening their friendship.

After several confrontations, the Q-Star League finally discovers the truth behind Buster Gang’s strange behavior – they’re collecting resources to repair their airship and return to their planet. Ultimately, the Q-Star League forgives them for whatever they did and helps them return home. And with that, Q-Town returns to being the peaceful oasis it always was.

–Directed by: He Shirui 

Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family | Kids  – 26 Episodes x 15 Minutes (6.5 hours ) (3 DVDs)

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