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In a brief four year span in the late 1960’s, in a quaint San Francisco neighborhood less than a mile square, a creative movement emerged that would ignite a musical genre.  What would come to be coined “the San Francisco Sound” served as the soundtrack for a counter- culture revolution that would forever challenge the perception of the American ideal. This movement climaxed in a single California season known as the Summer of Love, in a neighborhood that provided a canvas for this artistic burst of imagination: Haight-Ashbury.

We all know the names, the rock-stars, the sounds: but how many actually know where they came from and why? This documentary explores the culture and background which bred these groups that are household names, and gives experiential insight into their lives.

A wonderful slice of american history that changed the country from the charming neighborhood at the cros-streets of Haight and Ashbury — nothing since has been more colorful than this one year that ignited the youth and spread to the population.   We take you back to that life altering free for all and everything that happened in that age of love.

–Directed by: Feltz Del — starring Peter Coyote  Artie Kornfeld  Don Aters   Joe McDonaland   Tom Constanten —

Genre: Documentary/Drama  |  English – 58 minutes


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