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Two Iraq war vets, Nick and Lenny, return to their ex-girlfriends’ hometown to see if they can rekindle the flames. What should be a little R&R in the woods slowly turns into Murder & Mayhem when they take off with the girls to an abandoned cabin on their closed Alma Mater campus. There they fall prey to a deadly game of Hangman. This one comes complete with an actual noose for the losers. Lust soon leads to suspicion and fear as they turn on each other to survive. Only the Hangman knows who will win this game.

-Written and Produced by Bradley Battersby, known for “Red Letters,” featuring Jeremy Piven, Fairuza Balk, and Ernie Hudson, and starring Peter Coyote.
-Produced by Michael Z. Gordon (“Pulp Fiction,” “The Outsiders,” “Machete”).
-Starring Matthew Currie Holmes (“Firewall,” “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End”).”

–Directed by: Battersby, Bradley — starring Holmes, Matthew Currie/Gross, Amber/Mond, Julie/Hoffman, Chris/Cousins, Christopher/George, Nick W./Shangraw, Howard/Tahoe, Peter —

Genre: Horror/Thriller | English – 88 Mins


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