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A corporation plans to develop a residential tower block into luxury city apartments. As the residents galvanize, the corporation sends someone to ‘shake them up.’ The Horror of The Dolls features a strong ensemble cast, inter-twined narratives, and an iconic piece of London architecture. The report is underpinned by the wealth divide, untouchable high finance, malleable politicians, and the resolve of a community under assault. All wrapped in a blood-soaked and stylized horror thriller set against the breathtaking cityscapes of contemporary London. The Horror of The Dolls is a terrifying, atmospheric, and unpredictable journey. Influences on the project are The Shining, Blue Velvet, The Wild Bunch, Short Cuts, and Antichrist.

-Set in Great Britain, urban London
-in addition to being a blood-letting horror film, it has an ensemble cast
-features the issue of class divide and has a corporation used as the villain
-Winner of the 28-day feature film challenge of 2010

 — Directed by: Davey, Shanel – Starring: Allcorn, Marie / Barnett, Ava —

Genre: Horror |   English  – 81 min

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