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A man destroyed by the death of his wife finds refuge in a crumbling apartment building where all of his darkest fears begin to come to life. He must now kill his nightmares before they kill him.”

“The Empty was shot entirely in Miami, Florida.
• The apartment building set of the Empty was built entirely by directors Robert J. Escandon, Ulises Franco, actress Ashley Cortes, co-producer Cameron Rabie and producer/actor Tremain Brown.
• During a severe storm in Miami, the set of The Empty collapsed pushing the production back 2 months while it was rebuilt, This movie will take audiences on a captivating, compelling and intensely dramatic journey filled with intrigue, suspense and loads of
‘real life’ scenarios which will rivet viewers to their seats.”

–Directed by: Escandon,Robert — starring Escandon,Robert/Sanchez,Marlyn/Rabie,Cameron/Escandon,Ashley —

Genre: DRAMA  |  English – 89 min

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