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After moving into her new off-campus home and passing the inspection of her odd landlord, Alix discovers an antique mirror in her basement that contains the spirit of a dead teen that soon unleashes an onslaught of strange occurrences throughout the house, such as terrifying noises from behind locked doors, ghostly images, and even dead animals! With the aid of her classmates, she sets out to find the secret of the household about her and its former inhabitant, which leads her to a startling revelation that leads to mayhem and disaster.

-a kick starter project
-a psychological horror with a meta element of a girl who watches enough horror movies that she (at least) believes that she is being haunted
-though not high budget, the director has a firm grasp of how to create the element of suspense and fear with his imagery

 –Directed by: Coltress, Oliver – Starring: Brea, Natalia/Flower, Brandi/ Hoaland, Sean/Swain, Cassie –

Genre: Horror/Thriller | English – 101 min

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