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Noa, a famous Israeli singer of Yemenite descent, prepares for a concert in Jerusalem. She is interrupted by an old Arab man who claims to have been a close friend of her great-grandmother and tells her about Mazal, a Jewish child-bride from Yemen, who preserves her religion, culture, family, and unique art, surviving the harsh, violent conditions of Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the late 19  through mid-20th centuries. She becomes the mother of Awo, a young widow, and the family’s breadwinner through her skills as a jeweler in gold and silver. In time, a woman of property and an ardent patriot, she prevails through the unfolding bloody decades while living in the Old City in Jerusalem. For her great-grandchildren, who have only known peace and prosperity, her untold story needs to be told…

The Golden Pomegranate is a Jewish culture movie that shows one woman’s courage in troubling times; based on the best-selling novel T, he Pomegranate Pendant b,y Dvora Westman. It was filmed in Israel by an Israeli production company.

–Directed by: Dan Trueman — starring Rinat AbulaTruemanviv Alush  Ellen Anreder   Mattie Atlas  Achinoam Nini —

Genre: History/Drama  |  English – 104 minutes

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