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When a small-town sheriff and single mother learns that her daughter has been kidnapped by a serial killer who has just moved to town, she is forced to bargain to save her daughter’s life. But, as people start to die, she realizes that to protect the good people in her town, she must pick the killer’s victims and bring them to him. She begins to choose victim after victim for him and is drawn deeper into trouble when the FBI and the widow of one of the victims start to investigate what is happening. As she worries more for her and her daughter’s lives, the sheriff tries to plan an escape for her and those closest to her. But with the killer always close at hand, her plans to flee are destroyed, and she is forced to fight for those she loves. But as she fights, she discovers she might have learned the killer’s lessons too well.

“Directed by the Director of Collapse, starring Chris Mulkey.

Taken meets 3096 Days.”

–Directed by: Elgin, Bruce — starring Diddy, Shawn/Schuyler, Lonnie/Skram, Kerry/Bartusek, Lauren —

Genre: Thriller  |  English – 110 mins

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