WCMMA (TV SHOW) (15 Episodes) (1 hour 50 minutes each episode) (15 DVDs)

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HISTORY: UK1 bouts require effective aggression and technique, with a three-knockdown rule and final round bell save. Gloves are chosen by fighters, and clinches allow one knee strike before breaking clean. Some moves, like ground fighting and throws, are not allowed. UK1 bouts appeal to non-traditional MMA audiences and have weight division titles similar to MMA.

WCMMA is the place to find out if you have that fight factor, fighters are looking to make a statement, and some of the guys have trained for just a few weeks.

–Directed by: Rehman, Steve  — Starring: O’Donnell, DAVE / SLEDGE, ANDY / CURZON, DANIELLE / WATERMAN, GRANT / Carling, Mark / Shortman, Dan / Geer, Andy / Freeman, Brett / Williams, Ryan / Rhye, Jazdeep / Bandrah, Amin / Thomas, Rocky / Ample, Andres / Holmes, Josh / Grayson, Nathan / Bonford, David / Clements, Steve / Heffron, Lee / Foo, Eugene / Rand, Barry / King, Shaun / Mongoman, Lee / Priestly, Toby / Brown, Lee / Gambort, Renendort / Scott, Robert / Driscol, Frank /Simmons, T J / Imbanor, Todor / Embaniek, Damien / Fulham, Ben / Hodgkinson, Mike / Sutton, Perry / Allen, Calvin / Sammy, Jamie / Collins, Jack / Andrews, Jason / Harris, Neil / Pippins, Daniel / Reman, Steve  –

Genre: CONTACT SPORT |  English

– EPISODES TOTAL (whole tv show): 15
– TOTAL TIME (whole tv show): 2250 MINUTES = 37 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES

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