WHITE MOSS ( aka Belyy Yagel )

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The film takes place in the Tundra. With its blizzards and frost, deer and dogs, Nenets people housings, and reindeer teams flying in a white haze… The film describes a story of a young Nenets guy who’s fallen in love with a girl since childhood, but she left for the regional center wishing to have a more comfortable life. The main hero struggles between his love and responsibilities to follow the eternal traditions and laws of life in the Tundra, such as survival in the permafrost, reindeer herding, protection of the ancestors, home against wolves, etc. The movie is about LOVE, which implies loyalty, anguish, jealousy, and finding love in the name of procreation.

Produced by Svetlana Dalskaya; and Academy Award winner Vladimir Menshov — Oscar for Best Foreign Film (1981),  Nenets writer Anna Nerkagi was nominated for Nobel Prize & film “White Moss” – filming the novel by Anna Nerkagi. Part fascinating ethnographic observation, part heartbreaking love story, White Moss is a uniquely absorbing, epic tale of love and betrayal that finds universality within a rarely explored culture. The film was released in theaters in 2015 and was an Official Selection of over 40 international Film festivals; often breathtakingly beautiful, the film brings rich emotional resonance to lofty themes.

 –Directed by: Tumaev, Vladimir – Starring : Sangadzhiev, Evgeny / Tihonova, Galina / Mihailova, Irina / Stepanov, Efim / Tangatova, Dolzhin / Basnaev, Peter / Shumarov, Nikolay  –

Genre: psychological drama | English   – 98 mins

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